From Straight A’s to Zombies

We’ve added plenty of new sticker templates to our School-Themed Category. To celebrate these new designs and the start of summer, we are offering a 10% discount for all of our school stickers all summer long! Many folks have already enjoyed this discount, and we are extending it through the end of August. So whether… » read more

6 Tips & Tricks For Your Stickers!

At we want your stickers to last as long as possible on your vehicle! So we have piled a list of tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your bumper sticker: 1. Plan where you are going to put the sticker. Hold up the sticker beforehand, or have someone… » read more and Cyber Monday Sale

Be sure to check out and for Cyber Monday! From 9am-1pm CST on Monday, November 26th, all of our products on both sites will be 15% off. Every sticker, every design, every style, with no minimum quantity! Combined with our year round free shipping, our sites can be a great place to make… » read more Announces Presidential Poll Result: Obama Crushing Romney in Nation-Wide Bumper Sticker Poll

With less than a week till the election, President Obama is currently leading with 58% of the bumper sticker vote versus Governor Romney’s 42%. Results are calculated from a tally of total political bumper stickers bought by supporters of both candidates at the website throughout the entire election season. “What better way to predict… » read more

5 Reasons to Share Your Bumper Sticker on Facebook & Twitter not only lets you customize your very own sticker, but it also lets you share that design through Facebook and Twitter. We get many users sharing their stickers daily, so you may wonder once you finish a design on our site, why would you want to share it online? We have put together the… » read more

Halloween Themed Bumper Stickers

Halloween can be a fun time for friendly pranks and jovial tricks on friends and family. We prepared some awesome Halloween themed bumper stickers sure to scare up some laughs. Click your favorite sticker and share it with friends or order one of your own! Happy Halloween!

Raising Breast Cancer Awareness – Graphicsland Inc. Pink Ribbon Store

October is Nation Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Graphicsland, Inc is offering many ways for you to show support for your loved ones.  Graphicsland Inc. and its divisions, & have formed a team with The Cancer Support Center to offer an entire variety of Pink Ribbon customizable products. In addition to making… » read more

Halloween Signs, Pins, and Stickers For 2012

Searching for Spooky Signs? Creepy-Crawly Pins? Scary Stickers or even Boo-tiful Banners? Whatever your need for this Halloween season, you can find it at Graphicsland! Our selection of Custom Halloween Signs & Banners at gives many customizable options for you to design right online! We also offer a wide range of materials from outdoor… » read more offers Internet Meme Stickers in Sheets of 6

Concepts can spread like wildfire through the Internet, and one of the most popular ways to communicate concepts is through an Internet Meme. Memes involve taking a photo and placing witty or sarcastic text on top of it to create a truly unique concept. These concepts are then spread around the Internet communicating messages or… » read more

Proven Campaign Marketing: Bumper Stickers

One of the most traditional and time tested, true to work methods of campaign advertising for decades, has been the bumper sticker. Elections have seen tremendous increase by presenting their name and slogan in a variety of places and not just on the back of vehicles. The placement possibilities of a bumper sticker, combined with… » read more

Bumper Stickers on a Leprechaun’s Car

Luck was with us this St. Patrick’s Day and we just so happened to catch a Leprechaun ordering custom bumper stickers through our site at We thought they were pretty typical of a leprechaun so we decided to share them. What do you think of the custom stickers this Leprechaun designed?

St. Patrick’s Day Pins & Stickers

One day out of the year rolls around and everyone gets to put on their green and be Irish for a day. Many people enjoy bringing out the green shirts, pants, and hats to attend parades and parties throughout town. We have the perfect accessories to go with any St. Patrick’s Day celebration. We offer… » read more

Bumper Stickers Seen On Cupid’s Car

Valentine’s Day could be a great opportunity for a custom bumper sticker gift. For as little as $4.95 you can customize a gift for a special someone on Valentine’s Day as well as any other day of the year. What do you think Cupid is driving around with on his car the other 364 days of… » read more