Announces Presidential Poll Result: Obama Crushing Romney in Nation-Wide Bumper Sticker Poll

With less than a week till the election, President Obama is currently leading with 58% of the bumper sticker vote versus Governor Romney’s 42%. Results are calculated from a tally of total political bumper stickers bought by supporters of both candidates at the website throughout the entire election season.

“What better way to predict an election than by counting the number of bumper stickers bought by the people who care about the issues? With such a close race, it may come down to voter turnout for each side’s base. We believe that bumper sticker sales are a great barometer for potential voter turnout.” said Jerry Feil, Graphicsland Inc. President.

“It’s not too late to show your support for either candidate. has a wide range of bumper sticker templates, or you can design your own using our easy to use online tools. We offer free shipping within the US, no minimum quantities, and fast orders that are printed and shipped within 24 hours.” continued Feil.

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