6 Tips & Tricks For Your Stickers!


At MakeStickers.com we want your stickers to last as long as possible on your vehicle! So we have piled a list of tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your bumper sticker:

  1. 1. Plan where you are going to put the sticker. Hold up the sticker beforehand, or have someone else hold it while you look at it. You will get the most out of your sticker if you only apply it once to the vehicle. Having to take it off and move it will result in less adhesive on the sticker for the final application.
  2. 2. Take care in applying your sticker. If there are any bubbles or ripples, it will take more wear from the wind, water, and other outside sources. This also applies to WHERE you apply your sticker. Smooth paint or chrome areas provide the best surfaces, where rough-textured areas can be problematic. So take your time and smooth out the bubbles as you go. Just remember, the smoother your sticker is, the longer it will last!
  3. 3. Apply it to a clean surface. You may think that the car you washed two days is still clean enough to apply your sticker to. The truth is, the surface on your car picks up dust, dirt, and grime quickly, even if you can’t see it. Make sure you wipe the area that you want the sticker to go on with warm soap and water –EVEN if you just had it washed –and then completely dry it. This will ensure the adhesive on the sticker only sticks to your bumper, and not the dirt.
  4. 4. Apply the bumper sticker to a bumper. We love seeing all the creative ways people use our stickers, but don’t forget you will shorten the life of your sticker by applying it on a different surface than your car. They may look great on laptops, luggage, and other sources, and they will last much longer than regular stickers, but because of the extra contact, rough surfaces, and exposure to random chemicals, their life is still shorter than it would be on a car.
  5. 5. Store unused stickers correctly. When buying extras for fundraisers or future use, make sure you are storing them in a flat, dry place, at room temperature. This will make application easier later and help the stickers last longer. Depending on the amount of stickers you order, you will receive them in an envelope or a box of some sort. You should keep this envelope or box for storage! These will protect the surface of your stickers until they are used.
  6. 6. When removing your sticker, recycle it! We use polypropylene material, which is similar to vinyl but thinner and stronger. Two great qualities when it comes to bumper stickers, but by far not the most important. Polypropylene, unlike vinyl, is recyclable! So take care when disposing of your sticker and recycle it!