Let MakeSigns.com Dress You With A Free Shirt!

We’re sure you’ve seen the brightly colored MakeSigns.com t-shirts in your school lab or at your poster conferences and became irrationally jealous of the person it adorns? Freak out no more! Here are some quick and easy ways for you to get your very own MakeSigns.com t-shirt! 1. – Pick it up! – When choosing… » read more

6 Bumper Stickers Seen On Santa’s Sleigh

So many people are taking advantage of MakeStickers.com custom bumper stickers for under $5 this holiday season, Santa is most likely bored crazy. What would happen if he perused his way onto the MakeStickers.com website? What fresh designs would decorate his sleigh this holiday season? Below are 6 custom bumper stickers Santa would probably gift… » read more

5 Ways Custom Bumper Stickers Can Help Your Business

Bumper stickers seem like an obvious positive marketing tool. Unfortunately, the ways to use them are not as clear as first thought. Not using the correct strategy to advertise your business and you can end up with just a whole bunch of bumper suck. 1. NO PRESSURE – Don’t pressure someone to put a sticker… » read more

Poster Conference Tips From Our Customer Feedback

Poster conferences can be daunting. Graphicsland Inc. & MakeSigns.com have compiled a list of the best tips we’ve received through feedback from our customers. Review them before your next poster presentation to help make your next conference enjoyable and productive. (On a side note, if you still need to get your conference poster printed and… » read more

Graphicsland Inc. Partners with The Cancer Support Center To Promote Breast Cancer Awareness and Support

Today Graphicsland Inc, a leader in online custom printing, announced a partnership with The Cancer Support Center to promote awareness and encourage customers to support the fight against breast cancer. Graphicsland created a Pink Ribbon Store on MakeStickers.com with a variety of products where proceeds from the sale of selected products will benefit The Cancer… » read more

Graphicsland Launches 2012 Political Candidate Bumper Sticker Directory

Graphicsland Inc., a leader in online bumper sticker printing, launched a new 2012 Political Candidate Bumper Sticker Directory with custom bumper stickers for each and every candidate running for national office (House of Representatives, Senate and President). Candidates are organized by state, political party and office, so it’s easy to find any candidate. The directory… » read more

MakeSigns.com Provides Custom Menu Printing for Hungry Howie’s Pizza Locations

Makesigns.com has been selected by Hungry Howie’s Pizza and Subs, Inc. to provide customized menu printing for new menu displays in their franchise locations. Hungry Howie’s Pizza recently updated the look of their logos, store décor, and advertising graphics. Incorporated in these changes are new standardized, easy-to-read menu displays. These new menus allow franchisees to… » read more

Graphicsland, Inc. Launches Updated Sites – MakeStickers.com, MakeSigns.com & MakePins.com

Graphicsland, Inc. announces dramatic updates to its Makestickers.com, MakeSigns.com and MakePins.com websites. Powerful new features are showcased in a sleek new user-friendly format. All the sites boast added search options, including keyword searches to enable users to find the right template for a custom bumper sticker designs. Customers can now access past orders, manage personal… » read more

Expert Reputation and Exciting New Graphicsland Products

ACC.11 Scientific Poster Printing We are ready for another busy year printing research, medical & scientific posters. Graphicsland is pleased to announce that we have been selected to provide poster printing for the American College of Cardiology’s conference, ACC.11. We are proud of our reputation as experts in printing scientific research posters, and we’re constantly… » read more

Negative Politics In Bumper Stickers

With the presidential election around the corner, more people than ever are finding ways to express their political opinions, and makestickers.com offers customers an outlet for their views. Recently, many customers have chosen to express themselves through political stickers, including custom McCain and Obama bumper stickers. As more people invent their own political messages, an… » read more

Graphicsland and MakeSigns.com Announce Support of SunMicrosystems StarOffice

Graphicsland and its MakeSigns.com subsidiary today announced support of the Sun Microsystems StarOffice(tm) suite. Users will be able to send their StarOffice files to Graphicsland to be output to 35mm slides, color overheads and color posters. Graphicsland is a leading supplier of custom color output from popular graphics applications. According to Jerry Feil, Graphicsland’s President,… » read more

MakeSigns.com Allows Users to Design Signs Interactively Online

Tinley Park, IL – Graphicsland®, a computer graphics company in Tinley Park, IL has launched a new web site, MakeSigns.com where for the first time, users can interactively design and order their own signs, banners and posters online. Users choose a starting template from the hundreds available and customize it with their own words, fonts… » read more