5 Ways Custom Bumper Stickers Can Help Your Business

5ways2helpbusinessBumper stickers seem like an obvious positive marketing tool. Unfortunately, the ways to use them are not as clear as first thought. Not using the correct strategy to advertise your business and you can end up with just a whole bunch of bumper suck.

  1. 1. NO PRESSURE – Don’t pressure someone to put a sticker on their car, if they want to they will. If it’s their choice the sticker will be shown longer and more prominently everywhere that vehicle goes. Be thankful to the people who volunteer to essentially drive your ad around town.
  2. 2. GIVE, TO GET – If you really want your sticker to be displayed on people’s cars, give them a reason. Auto services can give 10%off if they come in with your sticker on. Restaurants can offer a deal too. Bands can just be cool and people should just want to put you on their car.
  3. 3. LOGO UP – Use your logo. Your bumper sticker should be an extension of your brand. Your logo will help customers connect with the information given from tip #4.
  4. 4. BUMPER STICKER BILLBOARD – Make sure your sticker accurately portrays the message you want shown. Whether it’s your phone number or your twitter handle, make sure it is as big as possible and has enough contrast to be seen from a distance. If you’re unsure, ask us to take a look at it and a sticker professional will assure the typography on your sticker is perfect.
  5. 5. ELITE STATUS – Make your stickers (advertising) worthwhile and use them as a right of passage. If people think they are part of an elite club, they will be more likely to plaster your sticker on their bumper.  Try a humorous approach and make the sticker available after your customer completes a set task or purchase point.