Why Choose MakeSigns.com As Your Scientific Poster Printing Service

With so many printing options, what makes MakeSigns.com the best? A few things…

Superb Customer Service

Our goal is to exceed customer expectations. We know that your poster is important to you. You’ve spent a great deal of time and effort on your research. Your poster needs to look great and be delivered on time. Our customer service reps share your concern. We’ll work with you to make sure that you have a great experience. We know that you want frequent communication about the status of your order. We proactively track every package with FedEx to make sure it’s in route and on time. If there are any delays due to weather or FedEx failures, we’ll contact you immediately. In some cases, we’ll even print another poster and ship it at our own expense to another location if necessary, to make sure you aren’t left without a poster.

Superb Poster Printing Quality

To print a great looking poster, you need to do more than open PowerPoint and hit the print button. We start by looking at all of the objects your poster (text, charts, graphics) to make sure that we’re printing everything as you saw it. If something doesn’t look right, we’ll contact you to discuss it. Our staff has many years of experience dealing with PowerPoint files. We have an extensive library of logos from major universities and medical centers. In some cases, we’ll replace your lower resolution logo with a high quality one from our library. There’s no extra charge for this… we do it because we care about your poster.

We use only genuine HP paper and pigmented inks. We could save money with off-brand consumables, but we haven’t found anything else that matches the quality (in terms of color quality, fade resistance and water resistance). Some paper will get slimy when subjected to moisture, and the ink smears off. That doesn’t happen with the microporous paper we use.

Superb Technology

Our company has its roots in software development, and we use our IT expertise to make sure your poster presentation is a success. We’ve been producing color output for the scientific community for over 20 years! During that time, we’ve used many versions of PowerPoint. You probably know that things can go haywire when someone opens a PowerPoint file using a different version of the software. That’s why we’re equipped with all versions of PowerPoint, both Mac and PC. When we get your file, our custom order processing software determines the version of PowerPoint you used so we can avoid the typical cross-version problems other printshops encounter.

Because of the page size limitations of PowerPoint, posters sometimes need to be printed larger than the original size. Of course, this larger size must be the same height/width proportion as the original slide size. This can lead to a lot of confusion when a customer orders a print size that can’t be made from their file. When a PowerPoint or PDF file is uploaded at MakeSigns.com, our servers instantly measure the page size of each file, then dynamically present a list of print sizes than can be made from that file, without distorting the print. The ordering process is easy, you just upload the file, then choose a size, confident that your print will be the proper aspect ratio, without “squishing or squashing”.

Our web site lets you specify your “need by” date. The system is smart enough to consider production time and shipping time to give you the best shipping options. Our wizard even takes into account Graphicsland and FedEx holidays.

We’re proud that we’ve developed these technologies in-house. They’re part of our commitment to providing service that exceeds your expectations. Our heartfelt thanks for continuing to trust Graphicsland with your important poster presentations.