Announces The Bumper Sticker Maker Facebook App


Taking into detail all the things that make the site fun, the Graphicsland programmers have created an application that allows you to create and customize your own stickers and easily share them on your Facebook profile. The app also allows you and your friend to buy that exact design sticker from the site. The app allows a voting feature where your friends can thumbs up or thumbs down your stickers in order to help reach gold ribbon status. Stickers with gold ribbons have received enough thumbs up votes to qualify for a discount.

Using the app is simple. To install the app simply do a search on Facebook for MakeStickers. You will find both the fan page and the Bumper Sticker Maker app. Choose the app. At this point Facebook will ask whether you would like to share your information with the app. Select “Authorize Application.”

Finding yourself at the main page of the app you can select from 4 options; Home, Gallery, Make Sticker, My Designs.

Home: This is the homepage, it is the main page you see when using the app. 
Gallery: This is a gallery of all the stickers that have been made with the MakeStickers Bumper Sticker Maker App It will show the most popular (most thumbs up votes), recent designs, gold ribbon stickers. 
Make A Sticker: This is where you can make your own design. First select a template from the left. Then in the orange box add your personalized text and click preview. A preview of your sticker appears. Move down to the green box. Chose a user name for the MakeStickers app gallery or choose anonymous. Click share. A Facebook window will appear allowing you to share your bumper sticker to your Facebook profile just like you would any other link. Your friends can then view your design, vote on it, and order directly from the site. 
My Designs: This is the library containing all the designs that you have thought up with the bumper sticker maker app. You can also share these and vote on your designs from this window.

Check it out and tell a friend!