How Musicians & Bands are using Bumper Stickers

fb-appThe band sticker is a timeless and classic piece of rock and roll history which is still a popular and effective marketing technique used by music groups and individuals in a variety of ways. In the past the band sticker was an adhesive billboard with the ability to promote the musicians name on school lockers and notebooks for months. Bands today instead use stickers to include links to their social media sites, fundraising, general promotion, and to dress up their drum kits. With and the ability to order just one sticker, bands are able to order stickers quickly and easily while connecting them with other marketing mediums to bring more attention to their music.

band-qrBands have always made the simple sticker with their logo on it popular, but today’s bands are using stickers more effectively than ever. With social media hugely prevalent, bands are now able to display links to sites in order for sticker viewers to quickly gain more info and hear music. even supplies customizable templates where music groups can create their own code and get stickers printed for instant access to their music.

This latest development is one of the most current and revolutionary because it allows a band to be incredibly visible to a lot of people while letting the fan seeing the sticker to get full access to all of the band’s info. Many bands use to order quantities of their stickers at low prices, and quick shipping in order to raise money for upcoming tours, recording, and instruments. At prices as low as $0.58/sticker, bands can easily create colorful customized merchandise.

band-bass-drumOutside of bumper stickers another adhesive backed option has been utilized by bands visiting, custom circle bass drum stickers. These stickers can be customized using a number of the available free templates or the band logo can be uploaded to the appropriate sized sticker and placed on the drummers big center drum. These stickers are easily removable and have not been found to effect sound during live performance.