How Craft Beer Brewers and Other Brewers use started out as a company built to help people get their voices heard and during its 10 years in business, various niche industries have taken more to marketing with bumper stickers than others. One of these is the extremely huge multi-billion dollar craft beer industry. With growth in the craft brew market expected to continue growing, many of these brewers have looked to custom stickers to help promote their brand and even become a part of the brand as labels on the bottles.


Many breweries have orders custom stickers to promote their brewery and give customers a chance to market their choice of brew in places where the actual beer company might not have thought to act. One company runs a promotion online, using Facebook, encouraging fans to send in pictures when they encounter their beer stickers around town. Fans can then upload their photo to win a free t-shirt from the brewer. Other breweries have used high quality stickers as an economical alternative to conventional paper beer labels and have taken to ordering their custom designs online and sticking them to each batch.


Local brewers have even used to spurn local legislation challenging laws against beer limits and home brewing. Custom stickers are handed out by local grassroots groups to help raise awareness and sway public opinion in favor of the brewers. No matter what the use is, craft beer makers have realized that if they want to make in impact and get a piece of the market pie, custom stickers are a tool not to be ignored.