Want a USB Flash Drive? Tell Us How You Share Your Scientific Poster and Get One

usb-blog-titleWe’re curious how our customers share their posters with their lab and research partners. No matter how they do it, we love to hear about it and have a little something to help out. Just arrived on our doorstep is a huge box of MakeSigns.com Scientific Poster 1GB USB Flash drives loaded with our flyer explaining all of the great services we have to offer. This flash drive has the space you need to haul around that perfect poster presentation. We’ve made it easy to get one of these in time for your next conference or symposium. Here’s how:

1. – FourSquare? Check. – Check in on FourSquare when you pick up your poster and you’ll score a USB Drive & MakeSigns.com T-Shirt.
2. – Photo Bomb It – Send us a photo of you presenting your MakeSigns.com printed poster to post on our Flickr account and we’ll send you a USB & T-shirt!
3. – Use The Code – For a limited time use the code “USB” and we’ll send you a Flash drive!
4. – Leave a Comment – Leave a comment on our blog below telling us how you share your research and we’ll be happy to help you out with a MakeSigns.com Flash drive!