Announces Groundbreaking Online Design Previews for Custom Die Cut Stickers

Tinley Park, IL – Graphicsland, Inc. announces a revolutionary online design engine for its website that generates instant previews of images uploaded for die cut stickers. Utilizing a simple drag-and-drop the customer’s files to the die cut upload page, users see an instant preview of their logo, design or photo complete with cutlines displayed. Graphicsland, Inc. is currently the only U.S. company providing this design tool.

This dynamic design eliminates the need for emailing files and waiting for proofs to be made and returned before ordering. Users do not need to register, or create an account of images to see their designs previewed, or pay design fees. Pricing for a range of sizes and quantities is also displayed immediately.

In addition to printing uploaded files, also has a library of customizable online designs. Customers type in their own text, choose colors, etc., and see an online preview complete with the cutlines, sizes and prices before ordering.

There is no minimum quantity for die cut stickers. Customers can order just one, or thousands. For example, an order of 250 custom 3”x4” die cut stickers is just $166.95 which includes free standard shipping.

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