Once Again Partners with the American College of Cardiology to Print the Scientific Research Posters for the Upcoming 61st Annual Scientific Session & Expo

This year Chicago will play host to the Annual Scientific Session for the American College of Cardiology (ACC 2012) March 24th – 27th and once again will be the preferred vendor for the printing of their poster presentations.

The annual session brings together thousands of professionals in the field of cardiology from all over the world with an opportunity to network, continue education, learn from cutting edge research and innovations, and hear from many of the top leaders in the field. Last year the ACC Annual Scientific Session in New Orleans drew roughly 30,000 individuals, and this year’s session in Chicago promises to be equally as successful.

One of the highlights each year is the poster presentations submitted by many attendees of the meeting. The opportunity to present new research to such a large group of colleagues provides both a unique chance to share research but also to get up to speed on what findings are being made by other professionals throughout the field.’s industry expertise and standard of printing and shipping most any order within one business day, is a real asset to poster presenters. Often times research projects come down to the last minute details, so having speed and accuracy is a must. Having printed hundreds of scientific research posters for ACC2011 is expecting an even higher number of posters to be printed for ACC2012.

Roughly 250,000 research posters are presented at conferences and meetings all across the United States annually and that is a number that looks to grow each year. For more information on how to create or print a research poster you can go to the MakeSigns scientific poster home or contact Will Wilberg at will(at)graphicsland(dot)com.