Why Buy MakeStickers Customizable Clear Stickers? The Answer Is Clear, Literally.

choice-is-clearIf you’re in search of clear and customizable stickers seen on cars, vans, and semi-trucks alike, you’ve come to the right place. Our custom clear stickers can be the perfect solution to show off your softball or soccer superstar, advertise a business, or just show off your design. Printed white on an all-weather clear backing, our stickers have a number of advantages.

No Transfer Tape Needed – There is no reason to worry when applying your sticker. The entire sticker surface is adhesive and therefore there is no chance of tearing your design or the decal not adhering.

One piece to put on & one piece to pull off – there are no little pieces to peel off your window. With MakeStickers.com clear stickers, the image is all one piece and comes off that way every time.

All Weather & Conditions – Using a heat transfer process on high quality polypropylene, our stickers will last for a long time under even the harshest conditions. Including snow, ice, rain, and carwash!

Price & Turnaround – Starting at $4.65 our stickers also feature free shipping and same day service!

Of course, one of the best reasons to order a clear sticker from MakeStickers is the opportunity to customize your sticker any way you’d like. Use one of our fully customizable templates, or upload your own, and be sure to get the perfect sticker you’re searching for. MakeStickers.com is where custom printing begins.