Lets You Make Bumper Stickers On Facebook

facebook-pressGraphicsland Inc., a leader in online bumper sticker printing, has launched a Facebook application giving users the ability to make & share free bumper sticker designs with friends and family, as well as purchase custom made bumper stickers using Facebook. The application provides users a choice of dozens of custom templates with colorful backgrounds and photos to be customized with the addition of their own text to create one-of-a-kind designs.

A user’s bumper sticker experience is not just limited to making a sticker design. With the “MakeStickers Bumper Sticker Maker” any Facebook user is able to share any sticker either anonymously or by creating a username. For Facebook users that want to take things a step further and get a sticker for thier vehicle, they can purchase a self made sticker or any other created sticker inside the app. All bumper stickers are inside a browsable gallery for easy access and sorting. Users are able to sort by newest, top rated, split opinion, ect. The gallery can be further sorted over a certain period of time like a day, week, month, or even a year. Creating stickers and sharing them on Facebook with the application is free and has no limit to the number an individual can make. Users can spend hours creating custom bumper stickers individually for friends.

You can up vote and down vote designs to support or disapprove a sticker or opinion and directly affect pricing. A sticker with a certain amount of up votes is classified as a winner and is reduced in price for anyone to purchase.

According to Nick Laporte, Web Director at Graphicsland, “Since we already provide a website that offers the best custom bumper sticker experience, expanding that experience to social media was the next logical step for us. Having the opportunity to create a bumper sticker on Facebook is an added bonus for the over 800 million active users.”

Some of template options are political (campaign based) and users are encouraged to spread their views and ideas on these issues with well designed and frequently shared bumper stickers. Phrases like “Obamacare” “No He Cain’t” & “Newt 2012” are among the popular stickers that have the potential to reach across an extended audience. Companies can put their slogan or website URL on stickers and share it with followers or create contests where their followers can create the best bumper sticker for their business.