Announces New Tri-Fold Scientific Posters!


We are proud to announce our latest addition for Tri-fold Scientific Poster Printing. Tri-fold presentation poster boards –seen commonly in research conferences, trade shows, and business presentations –are a very popular free-standing alternative to flexible posters that require hanging. And now, this addition offers our customers the option of a tri-fold mounted poster with the professional quality that stands apart from the rest. Students, researchers, and business professionals can have their own custom tri-fold presentation shipped to their door with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The trifold display measures 36 inches high by 48 inches wide. Each side panel is 12 inches wide, leaving the center panel 24 inches wide. While typical resin coated glossy poster paper can turn into slime when it gets wet, our Microporous paper is water resistant, leaving the presenter with one less thing to worry about. Graphicsland worked with packaging designers from Chicago’s Field Packaging Group to construct a custom shipping box designed to minimize damage.

At just 109.95 (plus shipping), Tri-Fold poster boards are competitively priced, carefully packaged, and quickly delivered anywhere in America. We even offer templates to get you started. With fully customizable layouts to give you a head start on designing your poster, these templates are already set up in the correct ratio to be printed for a tri-fold poster.