Let MakeSigns.com Dress You With A Free Shirt!

dress-you-upWe’re sure you’ve seen the brightly colored MakeSigns.com t-shirts in your school lab or at your poster conferences and became irrationally jealous of the person it adorns? Freak out no more! Here are some quick and easy ways for you to get your very own MakeSigns.com t-shirt!

  1. 1. – Pick it up! – When choosing your shipping method, select pick it up and when you come to grab your order; we send you home with a shirt!
  2. 2. – Check In! – Check in on foursquare! Show us it’s your first check in and you get a t-shirt and other cool swag!
  3. 3. – Action Shot! – Email us a photo of your poster or you and your poster in action at your poster conference and we’d  love to send you a MakeSigns.com t-shirt for your enthusiasm!
  4. 4. – Use the Code – For a limited time use the referral code SHIRT and we’ll send you one with your order!