How is helping you prepare for your conference.


Our passion for Research posters goes beyond simply printing your poster… ™

One of our goals here at Graphicsland and is to make sure our customers get the best all-around experience. For many of our customers, this is not their first time creating a poster or attending a conference. But for others, it is a whole new experience.

We know creating your first poster, and/or attending a new conference, can get overwhelming. We also know that being prepared and knowing as much information as possible about your conference –and the requirements –will help in creating a wonderful poster. So to help, we have cataloged an extensive list of all upcoming scientific poster conferences to help provide you with the information you need.

This list is available to everyone, at any time on our Scientific Poster website. On this list, you will find a page for every conference, nationwide. Each page lists the dates and location of the conference, as well as their available poster space. When available, we will also put a link to their Poster specifications and requirements, and the actual conference website.

One of the biggest worries we hear is in regards to poster sizing, and some of the customers we speak with aren’t even sure where to find the right information. Now, they will know where to go, and by providing this information, we can help our customers focus on what’s important: the information on their poster.

When asked about this list we provide, Will, Director of Client Services, said “In building our list of upcoming conferences, we are not only creating a tool to help our customers, we are taking another step to make sure we are aware of what is going on in the world of research conferences….We want to be a resource for information, someone you can look to for direction and expertise.”

We have employees dedicated to finding this information and keeping the list up to date. If you see a conference that we missed or more information on one we already have, please let us know!