Here’s to the New Year, and New Goals, at Graphicsland


Even though we are sad to see 2012 go, everyone here at Graphicsland is excited for what 2013 brings. We wanted to share some highlights from 2012 and hopes, goals, and changes for 2013.

2012 Highlights:

This past year, we had multiple record breaking months as a company, so we really want to extend our thanks to all of our supporters, returning customers, and first time shoppers for,, and

We also created our Company Culture Club to help our employees grow as valued members of Graphicsland. Since creation, we have met numerous times, watched many videos, and are constantly planning new activities for meetings to come.

The biggest changes to our sites themselves have been the enormous quantity of new sticker templates on, including our new 3×10 clear stickers, and our expanding Store Signs on

2013 Goals:

For 2013 we hope to add a few new materials we are currently testing onto the site for Store Signs and Scientific Posters. We want to better to able to accommodate our customers’ needs, and we’ve been listening to your requests! Some will be released at the New Year, others are still in testing, so be sure to look out for those new additions!

For the New Year will be concentrated on reducing waste. We are constantly aware of how big our carbon footprint is on the world, and each year we try harder and harder to reduce it. We recycle almost everything we don’t turn into a finished sticker, but we still feel that we can make an effort to come up with even more efficient means of making stickers.

For Graphicsland as a whole, the new year’s main focus is our employees. With the start of the Company Culture Club late in the year, we want to set a goal of meeting at least once a week and doing weekly activities in and out of work.

From everyone at Graphicsland, we wish you a joyful new year, and thanks to everyone for making our last year here successful!