Graphicsland Gives Back


Since posters were printed from slides over 30 years ago, Graphicsland Inc. has always made it a priority to give back to the community in unique and productive ways. One of the newest programs established by Graphicsland is their “Graphicsland Gives Back” Program. Our Give Back program is a way for us to help charities and charitable efforts get much needed marketing or fundraising help quickly and professionally.

Tony, the print director for our division added: “We wanted to reach out to those groups out there who doing good and spreading positive messages. Their funds are usually limited, so we want to do what we can to help stretch their message a bit farther.”

We here at Graphicsland thought it would be a great idea to give organizations the opportunity to tell us about their organization and/or mission. In return we choose one organization each month and donate to them; bumper stickers, vinyl signs, or pins.

For more info about the Graphicsland Gives Back Program or to suggest your charity for assistance, click here: