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“The Best Way To Find Yourself Is To Lose Yourself In The Service Of Others.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

We love making a difference in our community as well as communities well outside of our home town. On a regular basis we donate and help out Non Profit organizations. It’s not that we are bragging, we just love making a difference in any way that we can.

So, what we want to do is try and help out a Non Profit Organization every month. Do you know a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit that might benefit from some of the services we offer (pins, stickers, signs and banners)? Tell us the name of the name of the organization and any ideas you have on how you would utilize the items and services we offer.

Not a 501(c)(3)? It’s ok, we know acts of charity and kindness come in all shapes and sizes. Contact us with the link below.

Have an organization in mind or a way to give back?

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July 2015


As a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, offers children learning experiences that begin in the garden and stay with them the rest of their lives — resulting in improved academics, better eating habits, greater environmental stewardship, and ultimately healthier, more secure and engaged communities. Since 1982, has enriched the lives of over 2 million youth participants across America and around the world. Approximately 10,000 awards, totaling $4.1 million, have been distributed to install or enhance educational gardens at school and community centers. In short, we make a difference — one child, one school, one community at a time.

Graphicsland has donated custom die cut stickers for their Youth Garden Grant fundraiser, which can be purchased on their Barnraiser page. All proceeds go towards the grant.

Get more information about the organization at

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