Graphicsland, Inc. Takes Customer Service to the Next Level with Text Messaging

Graphicsland, Inc. announces the addition of text messaging to its order notification system. This new and unique option allows customers to receive updates about their order within a text message. There is no longer a need to have email access to know the status of an individual’s order.

Graphicsland’s text message notification system is the first of its kind in its industry. Instead of checking an email or receiving a phone call, a user can now opt in to receive a text message for any updates on an order. A customer service representative can ask a question about any order, the system can tell when the order has shipped, or even let someone know when their order is ready to be picked up. With so many people constantly on the move, they may or may not have access to their email, so this is a great opportunity for Graphicsland’s customers to stay on top of their orders wherever they are.

This should come as no surprise, as Graphicsland Inc. has used technology to better serve its customers for years. They are continuously pushing boundaries of merging technology with customer service. In 2010, Graphicsland was featured in a CBS Money Watch article titled “How to Stay Relevant in a Constantly Evolving Industry.” In this article, they described the philosophy Graphicsland, Inc. adheres to that brings about such advancements in customer service and technology within the company.

That philosophy is simple: as technology changes, use those changes to ones advantage to help better serve customers. While Graphicsland can still update customers through phone or email, this new text message notification system is a welcomed addition for many of their customers. According to Jerry Feil, CEO of Graphicsland, “Todays professionals are bombarded with communications in the form of email, phone calls, tweets and voice mails. The best way to get an important notification through the clutter is via text message. No matter where a person is, they can instantly get notifications about an order. Customers love it”.

Graphicsland, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Tinley Park, IL, that specializes in custom printing solutions. The company’s expertise is in graphic design, digital printing, and custom software development.