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From Straight A’s to Zombies

by Jessie 16. July 2013 10:38

We’ve added plenty of new sticker templates to our School-Themed Category. To celebrate these new designs and the start of summer, we are offering a 10% discount for all of our school stickers all summer long! Many folks have already enjoyed this discount, and we are extending it through the end of August. So whether your child is going off to college, or your school is in need of a fundraising option, now is the perfect time to purchase stickers for your school!

We also have a set of templates that are sure to wake the dead…talking about our new zombie templates of course! From biohazard symbols to blood, you can now express your love (or fear) on the bumper of your car. (We recommend keeping these stickers away from your Honor Student. Zombies love brains!)

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