, & Now Fully Shareable Across All Social Media Sites’s family of websites have recently made updates to allow anyone making a custom designed sticker, sign, or pin to share it on any of the many social media platforms available. Sharing these designs socially allows designers to spread ideas, gather feedback, and show off new styles and phrases. Among the top social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are all valuable resources for customer feedback and the ability to show off the possible products a user can create with the family of websites offered by Graphicsland.

According to AddThis, a top link sharing application, sharing on Facebook and Twitter has risen by over 500% in the past year, with Tumblr exploding by over 1200%. Facebook alone is responsible for 52.1% of sharing on the web in 2011. This online expansion has been growing rapidly and the next logical step for sites like, and are to create ways for users to share any design or idea they can come up with and allow them to create custom content for their personal use. Users of any of Graphicsland’s sites can create a sticker, sign, or pin from any of the vast assortment of templates available and they can share their creation with millions of people instantly. This is especially powerful when group approval of a design is needed before processing an order or feedback is needed on order to make sure it is ready to print.

Graphicsland’s Director of Web Strategies, Nick Laporte added: “Ideas and information are shared instantly every day. There is no reason why an individual using our websites should not be able to take their sticker phrase, pin design, or sign message and share it across the vast number of social media websites available today. One shared sticker, pin, or sign can be seen and impact millions of people with just one mouse click.”

The Graphicsland family of sites offers hundreds of templates that are available in a variety of categories including; Political, Pets, In the News, Schools, and more.