Lets You Make Bumper Stickers On Facebook

Graphicsland Inc., a leader in online bumper sticker printing, has launched a Facebook application giving users the ability to make & share free bumper sticker designs with friends and family, as well as purchase custom made bumper stickers using Facebook. The application provides users a choice of dozens of custom templates with colorful backgrounds and… » read more

Customizable Holiday Gifts Under $5 – A Custom Bumper Sticker

Wondering how to impress for a whole lot less this holiday season? MakeStickers.Order a custom bumper sticker from for just $4.95! An expansive online selection of themed, colorful sticker designs lets customers add their own text and choose from a range of fonts and colors. An instant preview allows users to modify or proceed… » read more

Let Dress You With A Free Shirt!

We’re sure you’ve seen the brightly colored t-shirts in your school lab or at your poster conferences and became irrationally jealous of the person it adorns? Freak out no more! Here are some quick and easy ways for you to get your very own t-shirt! 1. – Pick it up! – When choosing… » read more

6 Bumper Stickers Seen On Santa’s Sleigh

So many people are taking advantage of custom bumper stickers for under $5 this holiday season, Santa is most likely bored crazy. What would happen if he perused his way onto the website? What fresh designs would decorate his sleigh this holiday season? Below are 6 custom bumper stickers Santa would probably gift… » read more